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Contract Income

When a contract is paid by other companies, you are typically required to issue a “Contract Income” received payment.

This guide demonstrates how to create a “Contract Income” received payment, for companies located in Greece (myDATA document type “7.1 Contract - Income”)

Make sure the integration with myDATA or SoftOne is activated in your Elorus account before using the guide below. If not, feel free to contact the Elorus support team for more information regarding the activation of the integration.

Authorization variables


1.1 Create a new contact

- The guide assumes you’re working on a new Elorus organization, so this step can be omitted.

First lets create a contact so there is someone to receive payment from. In a business context, contacts are individuals or businesses whom you transact with; typically your clients, leads, suppliers and partners. Since Elorus will let you manage your sales as well as your expenses, a contact may represent either a client or a supplier (or even both).

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Token ~Your-API-key~" -H "X-Elorus-Organization: ~Your-Organization-ID~" -d '{"client_type": "1", "company":"Elorus SA", "vat_number":"0123456789", "addresses":[{"address":"Theofilopoulou 13", "city":"Athens", "zip":"11743", "country": "GR", "ad_type": "bill"}], "is_client": true, "is_supplier":false}'

1.2 Get contact ID

Filter e.g. by “company”, to get the contact ID. Retrieved contact ID in this case is “2480647926494267071”.

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Token ~Your-API-key~" -H "X-Elorus-Organization: ~Your-Organization-ID~""Elorus SA"


2.1 About taxes

By default there are some taxes preset in Elorus. Usually 24% tax is used for Greece “Contract Income” so the preset tax will be retrieved and used. In case there is a need for a new tax to be created, use of Elorus' UI is mandatory.
Optional steps to create new tax:

  1. Login to your Elorus account
  2. Go to: “Settings -> Taxes”
  3. Click “+Add” on top right corner
  4. And set it up as the picture below. AADE category and title used are for example purposes.
  5. Click “Save”

2.2 Get taxes ID

Search by “percentage”, to get the tax ID. Retrieved tax ID in this case is “2476911428611605999”. Make sure that “aade_type”:1 is in the response packet.

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Token ~Your-API-key~" -H "X-Elorus-Organization: ~Your-Organization-ID~""24"&search_fields=percentage

Income creation

3.1 Create Contract Income

The final step, is to create the Contract Income as a received payment. The list below describes all the needed fields.

  1. X-Elorus-Organization: your organization ID
  2. income_type:
    • contract: Contract income
    • rental: Rental income
    • other_income: Other income
  3. transaction_type:
    • dp: Other payments
    • ip: Client payment
    • cnp: Supplier refund
    • icm: Income
  4. taxes: Taxes id
  5. amount: Amount paid
  6. calculator_mode: sets your values as “initial” or “total”, meaning the “amount” paid is before or after taxes.
  7. contact: Contact id - In this case we created “Elorus SA” contact.
  8. draft: true or false depending on the need to issue immediately an invoice or not. If true, the bill will not reach MyData/Softone, until issued.
  9. myDATA specific fields: mydata_document_type - mydata_classification_category - mydata_classification_type - payment_method
    • mydata_document_type: aade type
    • mydata_classification_category: income type aade
    • mydata_classification_type: classifications of Ε3 aade
    • payment_method:
      • “1”: Domestic Payments Account
      • “2”: Foreign Payments Account
      • “3”: Cash
      • “4”: Cheque
      • “6”: Web Banking
      • “7”: POS / e-POS
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Token ~Your-API-key~" -H "X-Elorus-Organization: ~Your-Organization-ID~" -d '{ "draft": true, "transaction_type": "icm", "title": "Έσοδα από πρόγραμμα συνεργατών", "date": "2022-11-10", "income_type": "contract", "contact": "2492988168228308605", "amount": "100", "payment_method": "3", "taxes": ["2476911428611605999"], "mydata_classification_category": "category1_9", "mydata_classification_type": "E3_561_001","mydata_document_type": "7.1", "calculator_mode": "total", "currency_code": "EUR", "exchange_rate": "1.000000"}'